Fueled by the passion for discovering,
building, and moving forward.

Who we are

WideBot is the result of getting passionate creative people embedded with the right technology together under the same roof. Our core value is providing great engaging experience. Our fuel is the drive to move forward. Our result is making bots available for everyone without having to write one single element of code.

What we do

WideBot is the first Middle East based bot-builder platform for creating engaging brand experiences through bilingual (Arabic/English/Spanish) messaging in numerous messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, Telegram, etc.

Our advanced AI platform offers 24/7 personalized and seamless mobile conversations for your consumers while providing analytics that empowers you with deep insights into how best to engage with your customers.

Types of bots you can build on our platform

Ecommerce Chatbot

Allows users to discover and buy your products/services at the push of a button right from the messaging platform (like Facebook Messenger).

Food Chatbots

Food bots are a great way to engage your customers with a new experience, help them order food directly from the messenger, and lower your cost as well.

Content Chatbots

Empowers you to display relevant content & share it with your customers/fans, whether it is text, video, or even audio.

Many Hearts, One Beat

We think there will always be space available for clever digital strategies and quality-driven products, and this is why we got into this business.

Sarah Heart